Saturday, February 5, 2011

Come what May, and Love it!

After watching this video just sit and ponder. Now are we looking at life with this perspective? If not what can we do to change? Well in the words of Joseph B. Worthlin:
1. Learn to Laugh- How many times do we see ourselves becomeing so worked up about the small thing?...Way too often! If we can learn to shrug the minor problems, annoyances, and other frustrations off. We will find more opportunities to laugh!
2. Seek for the eternal- We may ask ourselves "Why me?" Try to say "why not me? This is just another experience that will help me realize how much i can truly endure!"
3.To understand the principle of compensation- We must remember that the Lord will never stop blessing us for living the commandments! Though we may attempt to pay back the Lord for what he has done for us, we must also remember that for following him "He doth immediately bless you"

4. Put our trust in our Heavenly Father and the Lord Jesus Christ- We can navigate through any storm and endure endless turbulence as long as we realize that we are co-pilots with the lord!

Brothers and Sisters "Come what May, and Love it!"

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