Tuesday, June 14, 2011

God's work out plan!

What is Faith? Alma tells us that "...faith is not to have a perfect knowledge of things; therefore if ye have faith ye hope for things which are not seen, which are true." Now some may ask..."How do we have faith?" That's simple...you don't just get this, you already have it! We all have faith, some may not recognize it as quickly as others but its something that we are born with.
I like to think of faith as a muscle ! We all are born with muscle in our bodies. Although it my not be fully developed or useful when we are babies....it is still there! When a baby is trying to learn how get around on their own they don't just stand up and start running do they? Nope it is a longer process. After multiple attempts to stand and countless rump thumps the babies muscles are strong enough to help him stand!
How do we build muscle? Work out of course! Now what is happening when we work out? Our muscles are ripping and being pushed to there maximum capacity! Working out isn't always the most convenient or desirable but it is necessary for growth!
If Faith is like a muscle than how do we build it up? Work it out !! Some ways that we can test and build our faith in Jesus Christ are:
1. Prayer- This is the best way to communicate with our Heavenly Father is through prayer! This is the time that we can pour out our hearts to God. In the scriptures we are told to cry unto the Lord. To me this means to speak to him with emotion, he wants to here from us so that he can bless us more abundantly!
2. Questions- In the book of James we are told to ask God and he will answer!
3. Scripture study- He answers our prayer through the Holy Ghost and through the scriptures! The scriptures are the writings of the Prophets and the Disciples dealings and experiences with God! If we liken the scriptures to our lives we can see how the scriptures can guide us!
4. Experiences- As we go throughout our day we can recognize some events or answers to our prayers that are obviously of God! Once again it testifies of the power and divinity of God
5. Church- You are not alone on this journey through life in fact there are many like you who want to build a relationship with Christ as well! This is why we go to church it is to be surrounded by others who want to build their faith too! Not only that but church is where we can learn about the Gospel in more detail!

By doing all of these things we can all build our faith in Christ! As we do these things we can be assured that when the trials and tribulations come we will be STRONG enough to endure through them with the strength of God! I know this because I have seen it happen in my life as well as others lives! This is why I am sharing it with you! So what do you do NOW?


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  1. That's about the age I started doing one-arm pushups too!